Line the tray with foil. Place the Salmon fillet in the centre of the foil, surrounded by butter and lemon juice. Spread a layer of Sanclêr Organic Yogurt Cheese on the Salmon and add pepper to taste. Wrap the foil loosely around the Salmon. Cook in the oven at 180°C for 10mins.

The perfect summer dish...

Sanclêr Benefits
• Made from Organic Milk
• No added preservatives or processing aids, just purely natural yogurt cheese
• Unsweetened
• No added salt
• Probiotic
• Perfect accompaniment with fish, meat and pasta or topped onto a jacket potato or just spread onto crusty whole-meal bread.

Taste Organic
Yogurt Cheese
with Basil & Garlic

Salmon & Sanclêr

'Catch of the day'

Serves 1
200g Fillet of Salmon
50g Sanclêr Organic Yogurt Cheese
10g Butter
Few drops of lemon juice
Black pepper to taste