Begin by skinning the fish fillet. Loosen the flakes with a fork. Stir in the Sanclêr Organic Yogurt Cheese. Pinch of Paprika and serve.

So quick and easy there's even more time to enjoy the flavour.

Sanclêr Benefits
• Made from Organic Milk
• No added preservatives or processing aids, just purely natural yogurt cheese
• Unsweetened
• No added salt
• Probiotic
• Perfect accompaniment with fish, meat and pasta or topped onto a jacket potato or just spread onto crusty whole-meal bread.

Taste Organic
Yogurt Cheese
with Chives

Yogurt Pâté

'Starter for six'

Fillet of Smoked Mackerel
(Salmon or Trout)
150g Sanclêr Organic Yogurt Cheese
(This can be any of the three flavours)
Pinch of Paprika