1. Put just enough fruit into a small ramekin to come half-way up the pot. If using grapes, halve and seed them. Cut any other fruit into small slices. Cover the fruit with the yogurt and sprinkle the sugar on top.

2. Place the pots under a very hot grill until the sugar begins to bubble. Refrigerate until required.

This is a good last minute dessert for unexpected guests. If you are short of time put the pots into the freezer for 10 minutes after cooking.

Sanclêr Benefits
• Made from Organic Milk
• No added preservatives or processing aids, just purely natural yogurt cheese
• Unsweetened
• No added salt
• Probiotic
• Perfect accompaniment with fish, meat and pasta or topped onto a jacket potato or just spread onto crusty whole-meal bread.

Purely natural
Organic Yogurt Cheese

Yogurt Brulee

'The last minute dessert'

Serves 1
1 fruit (grapes/bananas/berries/
pineapple/sliced pears/peaches)
2 tbsp Sanclêr Organic Yogurt Cheese
1 tbsp soft brown sugar